5 Reasons You’ll Love a New Orleans Wedding!

When you are getting ready for your wedding, it can be easy to panic when it comes to all of the overwhelming decisions you’ll have to make, the biggest one being where to have it. Thankfully there’s Generations Hall in the lovely city of New Orleans, and they can help you not only set up a wedding venue, but can also help you with all of those small, tedious decisions. Your wedding venue should be special, unique, and able to accommodate a spectacular New Orleans wedding which is one of the many reasons you should choose Generations Hall in New Orleans. Let’s see what other benefits come with having a New Orleans Wedding.

New Orleans wedding venues

1. It’s Where the Fun Lives

There’s a reason thousands have traveled to New Orleans, and it isn’t just for the food. New Orleans has always been known as the best place to have a night out with dancing, a couple of drinks, and most of all having a great time! So it only makes sense that when you would want to have your wedding and your wedding reception here at Generations Hall! Located in the heart of New Orleans, Generations Hall is eager to keep the party going for you and your wedding guests at your New Orleans wedding with food, music, and more to make your big day extra special.

2. Convenience is Always Around the Corner

While many people love having their weddings in big open fields or near a beach, getting around for the reception afterward can be a hassle. That’s why Generations Hall in New Orleans is a greater place! Located near the French Quarter, your guests can experience the city like never before and with convenient lodging! That’s because Generations Hall is directly next door to two New Orleans French Quarter hotels, Jelly Roll Executive Suites and Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Convention Center. Simply call up any of these locations and get your New Orleans Wedding started without the hassle of finding convenient places to have fun!

3. Your Wish is Our Command

One of Generations Hall’s best features is its capability to transform to the wishes of the client, or in this case, the bride and groom. No matter if your New Orleans wedding venue needs to accommodate a small gathering or large one, Generations Hall can easily provide with their three different floor plans that are sure to wow your New Orleans Wedding guests. Choose from either The Metropolitan One, The Metropolitan Two, or The Big Room in order to fit your specific New Orleans wedding venue needs. Each floor plan has outstanding audio, video, and lighting functionality. Our light and sound technician will be sure to curate the best ambiance for your wedding venue.

4. The Rich Culture of the Big Easy

When you want to experience a little more than just the party life, Generations Hall can provide you with a little taste of the rich New Orleans culture that the city was built on. Originally constructed in the early 1820s as a sugar refinery, Generations Hall offers a glimpse into a refined and jazzy past. This beautiful venue showcases artwork by prominent artists George Schmidt & Xavier DeCallatay, giving a wonderful depiction of the history of New Orleans Jazz without contrasting too much with the vibe of your New Orleans Wedding.

5. A Taste of Southern Hospitality and Preparedness

Generations Hall’s high ceilings and warehouse setting provide a large and ample space of 12,500 square feet for your guests to enjoy. The hall has great features including balconies, a courtyard, covered walkways, stage platforms, catwalks, full-service bars, and even an onsite kitchen. For your wedding reception, we offer additional amenities such as catering, specialty cocktail list, cocktail waitresses, red carpet, wireless internet, and so much more!

So don’t get a headache planning your wedding. Call or stop by Generations Hall in New Orleans today and get the New Orleans wedding you’re sure to remember for years to come!


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