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If you are looking for a beautiful New Orleans banquet hall, look no further than Generations Hall! Generations Hall is the ideal venue for hosting a variety of different events, including ceremonies, parties, weddings, receptions, and more! This unique New Orleans venue provides you with a space that is fully equipped with everything you need for hosting an event that you and your guests will remember forever! Generations Hall is fashionably furnished and is prepared to host events from family gatherings to important convention meetings and everything in between. If you are looking for a reception hall for your next event, call Generations Hall today and find out more about what this venue can do for you!

History of Generations Hall

Why settle for a generic event hall when you can host your event at a historic and culturally rich New Orleans banquet hall that will charm your guests with its beauty? Generations Hall has history and character that adds more life as well as a unique touch to your reception party. In fact, Generations Hall was originally a sugar refinery that was crafted in the early 1820s! This refinery turned venue allows guests to get a glimpse at Southern Louisiana history. The walls of Generations Hall are adorned with stunning artwork, created by prominent New Orleans artists: George Schmidt and Xavier de Callataÿ. Their noteworthy artwork depicts the old history of New Orleans jazz, enveloping guests in some New Orleans heritage.

Pick a Room – Any Room!

The three rooms available for rental are the Metropolitan One, Metropolitan Two, and the Big Room. Metropolitan One features a lower level and a mezzanine level. This space is complete with a set of restrooms and a full bar on each of the two levels. Metropolitan One also features two esoteric VIP rooms that your most important guests can relax in.

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The Metropolitan Two room features a large open dance floor and raised level complete with a second bar. The Metropolitan One room can be rented in conjunction with the Metropolitan Two. Separating walls can be opened and guests can move between the two spaces freely. Alternately, the Big Room can be reserved for concerts, parties with live music, or other entertaining. This room’s focus is the large stage and 6-foot projection screen found within. The Big Room has a rich history- several famous artists including Ray Charles, John Mellencamp, Jimmy Buffet, Alan Toussaint have all performed on the Big Room’s center stage. If you can’t decide on one room, you can choose to rent all three for an incredible celebration your guests are sure to love.

new orleans banquet hall

Our party personnel is available to help you customize our New Orleans hall in any way you like. With multiple furniture options, curtain and backdrop selections, we can help bring your vision to reality. Available outdoor seating, buffet tables, ice machines, and other amenities are available to make your party extra special.


A lot of factors go into making a wedding or event truly spectacular. At Generations Hall, their goal is to provide the best possible atmosphere to ensure the most memorable time. Their amenities include state of the art audio and video technology, as well as an extensive selection of sound, including Big Band, Disco, Cocktail, and, of course, Jazz! Your guests’ experience could also be enhanced by more, like catwalks, courtyards, fog machines, LED lighting, projection screens, second lines, uniformed staff, amazing catering, and even a confetti cannon to give your event some more flare!

If you are looking for a New Orleans banquet hall, do not hesitate to call Generations Hall! Unlike most reception venues in New Orleans, Generations Hall gives you the power to totally customize your next event at Generations Hall reception venue. Your options are limitless, so you can create your own customized reception, with a little help from our team too! For a unique reception hall with superior entertainment, advanced technology, and eye-catching decor, contact Generations Hall in New Orleans!


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