Check Out the Amazing Floorplans and Amenities of Generations Hall

Generations Hall is a unique, historic event venue in New Orleans. The many flexible, spacious floorplans and amenities of Generations Hall can accommodate parties of various sizes and styles. Many memories have been made in Generations Hall, so visit us today and check out our state-of-the-art equipment, cultural patronage to New Orleans, and special ability to host a diverse range of incredible events.

The Rich History and Plentiful Amenities of Generations Hall

The richness of the history of Generations Hall adds to its overall allure and attraction as a venue for your party or event. In 1820, Generations Hall was a sugar refinery. To pay tribute to this historic background, we feature artwork by prominent artists such as Xaviar deCallatay and George Schmidt. This artwork explores the history of Jazz in New Orleans and stays true to the theme of the French Quarter that we embrace. The amenities will further enhance your time with us, as our state-of-the-art audio system delivers quality sound and can play a range of genres: New Orleans Big Band, Disco, Cocktail Jazz, Techno, and more! We also have large screens and monitors to complement whatever music you choose. We give our customers free reign over what is included in their event as well, so they have a large say in what the venue will look like for their particular celebration. In all, we have three rooms that can be rented together or separately, including The Metropolitan One, The Metropolitan Two, and The Big Room. You will find seven high volume service bars and three sets of restrooms between the three. Overall, Generations Hall offers a unique experience that includes part of the soul of New Orleans, as well as modern systems that elevate the event for everyone.

Check Out the Floorplans and Amenities of Generations Hall

Every inch of Generations Hall can be maximized to enhance the experience of you and your guests. Five 42” and two 47” plasma TVs, in addition to a 6’ retractable projection screen can feature any visuals you want in high quality picture, and our New Orleans-styled courtyard provides a nice outdoor space for people to enjoy the night. In all, Generations Hall can fit 25 VIP areas, and a high capacity warehouse will serve as a storage and sound room. We do our best to help customers determine what they want their specific event to look like. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!


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