Generations Hall is the best event hall venue in New Orleans

If you are looking for an event hall that can meet all of your expectations, Generations Hall is your answer. The style of this building is stunning and the team of staff members eager to help you put on a fabulous event is the definition of great New Orleans hospitality. With countless services available and everything customizable to meet your needs, you do not have to look any further to find exactly what you are hoping for.

What kind of events can be held in the Generations Hall event hall?

There are no limits to what kind of event can be held in Generations Hall. The location is a stunning 1820s sugar refinery, that has since been renovated to include every detail you could possible desire. The history of the space is present throughout the entire building. It does not matter whether your event’s group is full of New Orleans natives or no one in the crew has ever stepped foot in the city – the strong spirit of New Orleans will be ever present throughout your event. Hints of jazz are around each and every turn, setting the mood for a lively time. George Schmidt and Xavier de Callatay both have art up throughout the building, elevating the ambiance even more. Even with all of the amenities, the rich history of the place will have your event feeling welcoming and exciting.

Whether it is a large corporate group or small family gathering, Generations Hall is ready for you. The time and care that has gone into all of the different systems of event planning here are remarkable. The audio system that is available will blow you away, regardless of how big a part of the event you want music to be. It could be something small to go with a changing slide show or a full dance floor can be erected for a 12 piece band. No matter which direction you want the event to go, Generations Hall will be ready to make sure it happens. There are large video screens and monitors throughout the space, which can be used for presentations, slideshows, or videos. These can be the main attraction during your event or as a side while other entertainment or activities steal the show. All of the unique lighting will make sure that the focus is exactly where it should be. Your guests will love how amazing the technology behind the lighting, sound, and visual really is. Even with how impressive all of these systems are, they flow well enough together to keep a smooth performance and your guests attention exactly where you want it. In addition having all of these systems available, there are trained audio and visual technicians ready to run the entire operation throughout your event.

What makes Generations Hall a great space to host an event?

The options that are available to you when you are hosting at Generations Hall are never ending. To start off, there are three large rooms in the event space. Depending on the size and needs of your party, you can rent one, two or all three of the rooms. All of the choices as to which are rented are individual and can be customized until you have exactly what you are looking for – nothing more and nothing less. There are also 3 full service bathrooms available to keep any large party comfortable. If you want a bar at your event, there are up to 7 full service bars available. They can be staffed by Generations Hall staff. Your guests will love the great local insights that the staff have as they interact and help serve for your event. If you know exactly what kind of food and drinks you want, you can bring your own. If those decisions seem like too much to handle on your own, the team at Generations Hall is ready to provide that full service to you. As with anything, things can be tailored exactly how you are looking for them, ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch. Be it a small luncheon, formal gala, a wedding reception, or anything in between, Generations Hall is excited to offer their best service to you.


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