Generations Hall is your perfect holiday event venue in New Orleans

If you are looking for the perfect spot for your upcoming holiday party or event, Generations Hall in New Orleans has everything you are looking for. The atmosphere in the space is incredible and is even better in the cozy, winter time of year.

What amenities does Generations Hall have for a holiday event?

Generations Hall thrives with hosting holiday events. The space was built as a sugar refinery in the 1820s and supports that old world charm still to this day. So many of the unique spaces were kept in tact, so guests from New Orleans will relish in the classic charm while people from out of town will have a great introduction to how neat the history of the city really is. Artwork by prominent artists George Schmidt and Xavier deCallatay make the setting even more stunning. When the holiday decorations go up, it is just something wonderful to see. Your guests will be so happy in the space.

Generations Hall wedding space.
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Beyond the aesthetics, the lighting and audio are top notch as well. Trained technicians will be at your service to create the type of A/V atmosphere that you are looking for. Generations Hall is ready for everything from big corporate events to small family gatherings, so the set up will be as unique as the experience you are ready to have.

There are three different rooms available at Generations Hall. Depending on the size of event you are looking to have, you can mix and match which rooms you want to use. The rooms are called The Metropolitan One, The Metropolitan Two, and The Big Room. There are high volume full service bars – with a max of 7 available if you need that many. There are restrooms within all of these spaces too. Whether it is going to be an event with more quiet mingling, a presentation given to start a company party, or a big dance party, Generations Hall is ready to make it all happen precisely how you want it.

What is it like hosting a holiday event at Generations Hall?

The service you will receive from the staff at Generations Hall is absolutely amazing. They have so much experience with a large variation of event types. Imagine that you and your family are having a reunion right before Christmas. So many New Orleans families are so big that renting out a room would make a lot more sense than trying to squeeze everyone in one house! There will be space for standing tables around the bar so all of the conversations that need to be caught up on will have plenty of time and space. On the other side, if your entire company is coming for their big formal event, all of the rooms can be ready to match. There can be space for one of those amazing New Orleans bands to play the best dancing music around.

Your Premier New Orleans holiday event venue

There is no pressure to book the services through Generations Hall if you know of a company who you really want your food, drink, or music from. If dealing with all of those pieces is not something you are looking forward to, then the staff at Generations Hall is ready with a lineup of their best suggestions to have everything set for you. It is rare at a venue to have the access to extra inclusions and also the freedom to bring in whatever it is you specifically want. You may want a smooth jazz band or on the other spectrum could be excited about an all out disco. Regardless of your preferences, the artists will be thrilled to play in a space as wonderful as this venue. The staff at Generations is ready to make the day exactly what you want it to, so the flexibility here is perfect. There are specialty cocktail lists that can be prepared, which your guests will be thrilled about. These drinks will often have a style of their own, so you can show off just how amazing New Orleans’ history with drinks is. Reach out today to get the process started!


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