Generations Hall is Your Ultimate New Orleans Reception Hall

When the time comes to look for a reception hall in New Orleans, the options seem endless. Thankfully, the searching can stop. Generations Hall is your best bet to fit all the requirement your party needs. People often come to New Orleans specifically for the strong culture the city has. When you step into Generations Hall, New Orleans’ style is surrounding you.

What Makes Generations Hall A Great Place for a Reception?

The history at Generations Hall is something very special. It was built all the way back in the 1820s. In that time, it was a sugar refinery, which New Orleans was producing a lot of. The decorations today still show off this great history. In addition, There is artwork all over the walls by two very famous artist – George Schmidt and Xavier deCallatay. They do an exemplary job in giving you a glimpse into that rich New Orleans history of jazz music. While in the 19th century much of the United States was fully engaged with the military, New Orleans was focusing on mixing European horns and African drums to create a new type of unforgettable music. At Generations Hall, it only makes sense to bring jazz off of the streets and into the event venue – everyone wants that jubilant style a part of their special day.

While jazz is the style that shows from the walls, all kinds of choices can be made to make your event as unique as you desire. From jazz to techno, disco to a classic New Orleans ensemble, the rhythm of your reception will be precisely yours. With each event, Generations Hall provides an expert audio technician to make sure all of the guests at your reception will be dancing their night away. In addition to sound, Generations Hall provides services in lighting to make the night something your eyes will remember for a long time.

Making Generations Hall Uniquely Yours

The best part of having your reception at Generations Hall is just how custom the space can become. There are three different rooms – The Metropolitan One, The Metropolitan Two, and The Big Room. Within these are seven bars that can accomodate high volume service. There are also three sets of restrooms. With all of these differences, you can sit down with one of the staff members at Generations Hall and decide if you need all three, just one, or a mix of something.

Another aspect that makes this a great spot for your reception is location. People all over talk about its importance, but Generations Hall in New Orleans truly is in the perfect spot. Located in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, you are in prime location for all of your guests. It is close to downtown hotels, uptown churches, and has close access to the major roads to get you absolutely anywhere you need to go. Being close to things is not what makes the warehouse district great though. The area is surrounded with amazing restaurants and galleries. The streets are perfect for strolling around and spending good evenings. In the starting decades of New Orleans, when the small town starting bursting from its original plans of staying within the square of the French Quarter, merchants knew the river was prime location. Neighborhoods and workplaces alike made the now-larger area more popular. When warehouses started going up in the Central Business District, they saw business from ships as far as Britain, Ireland, and Germany. Many people kept this place as their home, eventually turning it into the popular location it is today.

When something as special as your reception is what is being decided upon, all of these things are truly important. Generations Hall’s history is rich. It’s ability to be custom for precisely the reception you are looking for makes it a deal that is hard to pass up. Reach out today to come by and see the space or set up an appointment to talk about your event.


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