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When your wedding is close, it can be easy to panic. With all of the overwhelming choices that come with planning a wedding, who wouldn’t? Thankfully there’s Generations Hall in New Orleans, and they can help you not only set up a wedding venue, but can also help you with all of those small, tedious decisions. We understand that your big day should be even bigger for guests and family. But with the plethora of decisions that most wedding planners have to make around the event, choosing a venue can be the most difficult, especially if you go the wrong way about it. Your wedding venue should be special, unique, and able to accommodate a spectacular wedding that is a near guarantee when it comes to Generations Hall in New Orleans. Whether you have the vision of a culture rich, authentic New Orleans wedding venue or a modern, more glamorous wedding venue, we have you covered! Everyone knows that New Orleans is the perfect place to hold a wedding rich with culture, lights, and beautiful scenery, and Generations Hall makes sure to make the most of that! Generations Hall makes this New Orleans wedding venue the perfect place to hold the most unforgettable wedding reception event for you as well as your guests. Our wedding venue is also very unique when compared to other New Orleans wedding venues because we offer you the ability to totally customize your wedding venue. From music to furnishings to space, Generations Hall offers our expertise on pulling off the perfect wedding reception in New Orleans. You can spend your special night focused on celebrating life and making memories with your guests.

New Orleans wedding venues

Do Your Wedding New Orleans Style

When it comes to your wedding venue for your big day, you can be rest assured that Generations Hall is a spectacular wedding venue steeped in rich New Orleans history. Our venue is conveniently located in the Warehouse district of New Orleans with popular destinations, like the French Quarter nearby so the party doesn’t have to stop for you or your guests after your reception. You can easily customize how you would like to setup your wedding venue to your specific needs.

Spacious and Accommodating

Do not settle for limited space at other New Orleans wedding venues for your wedding reception. Generations Hall’s high ceilings and warehouse setting provide ample space of 12,500 square feet for your guests to enjoy. The hall has great features including balconies, a courtyard, covered walkways, stage platforms, catwalks, full-service bars, and even an onsite kitchen. For your wedding reception, we offer additional amenities such as catering, specialty cocktail list, cocktail waitresses, red carpet, wireless internet, and so much more.

New Orleans wedding venues

Pick your Plan

One of Generations Hall’s best features is its capability to transform to the wishes of the client. No matter if your wedding venue needs to accommodate a small gathering or large one, Generations Hall can provide with their three different floor plans. Choose from either The Metropolitan One, The Metropolitan Two, or The Big Room in order to fit your specific wedding venue needs. The Big Room has an upper level complete with balcony access so your guests can enjoy an open view from above. Each floor plan has outstanding audio, video, and lighting functionality. Our light and sound technician will be sure to curate the best ambiance for your wedding venue, as well as create the vibe you’re going for.

Your Premier Wedding Venue in New Orleans

At Generations Hall, we want to make your reception easy to execute and a wonderful experience. With our multiple options and additional party features, you have the power to make the wedding venue of your dreams, with our help of course! Learn more about our wedding venue in New Orleans today.


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