How to Throw a Mardi Gras Party

As the Mardi Gras season approaches, parties and parades are all around the city of New Orleans. From early January to the end of the day on Fat Tuesday, you can bet that you’ll hear the excited sounds of music and festivities wherever you are in NOLA.

But what if you’re not in New Orleans? Or, what if you want to participate in your own fun without being out in the excitement on the streets?

Good news! You can throw your own Mardi Gras party. Let the team at Generations Hall show you how to put on a ball that would rival some of the best parades in New Orleans.

Set Your Date

The first aspect of planning a Mardi Gras ball is to decide what day and time you’d like to have your party. Is it going to be a nighttime rendezvous? Or will you use the light of day to fuel your party fun? You should also think about whether you want your party early in the Mardi Gras season or right near Fat Tuesday. You will need to plan based on the schedules of your intended guests, especially if they’re likely to check out the local parades or bars during Mardi Gras.

Pick Your Venue

When you’re thinking about having a Mardi Gras party in New Orleans, the space you have it in is important. Whether you use your own house or you’re renting a venue for your party, you can have an amazing event if you choose the right place. If you’re renting a venue, make sure you plan far enough in advance so that you won’t have any issues with booking the event space last minute. Visit our website to see if our New Orleans event hall is right for you.

Choose a Dress Code

After you’ve picked a date and a venue, you need to decide on a dress code for your party. Do you want an upscale event or a casual shindig? Either way, you can have a fun and successful party, so this is purely up to your personal preference. Your answer to this question determines your next steps, so choose carefully!

Get Decorations

If you’ve chosen to make the party an elegant event, you’ll need more sophisticated decorations. Find the right colors (purple, gold, green) and great accents to go with those colors, and your decorations are sure to be a hit. For a casual event, extensive decorating isn’t as necessary. Beads, masks and other Mardi Gras paraphernalia would suffice for your house party.

Food + Music

Food is an integral part of Louisiana culture, especially in the Crescent City. For this party, you can choose to have easy and tasty finger foods or a decadent 3-course meal catered at your event. We also recommend some Louisiana specialties like gumbo, jambalaya or crawfish. You can also have a stocked bar, or encourage everyone to bring their own favorite drinks. As long as there is King Cake, your party-goers are likely to be satisfied.

As for music, make sure you get together your playlist of seasonal favorites like “Mardi Gras Mambo” and anything that makes your guests want to get up and dance. The Mardi Gras season is all about fun and indulgence, so make sure your music fits the vibe!

Have a ball!

After all is said and done, you have completely planned your Mardi Gras party! From the venue to the food, you’ve thought of everything. Now it’s time to grab your mask and dancing shoes, and get ready to have a ball!

If you’ve decided that you want your event to be at an event hall, check out Generations Hall. We have a kitchen on-site and other fantastic amenities that would make your party one to remember. Contact us today!


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