Top 5 Things Every Wedding Venue Should Have

It seems like there are a endless options for wedding venues, so picking the right one can be a hard choice. This list will make your choice much easier because it covers every aspect of what you and your party will need to have the perfect night.

#1 Plenty of Space

Having enough room for you and all of your cherished guests to roam around is important at a wedding venue. The band you really want could have a lot of members, so the dance and artist space needs to be enough to fit what you are looking for. You also have to make sure there is enough room to seat all of your guests, especially without making them feel like they are crammed into a space. In addition, once the ceremony is over, some people will be dancing, others will be mingling with each other, while others will be eating and socializing sitting down. Anticipating all of this will make sure you get the right kind of space for your needs.

#2 Be Competitively Priced

It is important when you are looking into fees to know what is included in the initial price. Sometimes just the venue is in that initial number, with a la carte add ons for everything else. Have conversations with your venue before you decide on a place, because if you find you need to be paying for tables, chairs, linens, and more, it will really add up.

#3 A Fully Equipped Staff

There are so many details to follow up on for a wedding. Having the right staff behind you to make sure everything is in order will be a huge breath of fresh air. This should include the preparation that comes beforehand to have everything looking just as you all have discussed, staff throughout the event to make sure lighting changes when you want, food is served, and the space is kept clean, and afterwards, that you will have someone to reach out to in case someone forget something important, that the contract will be fulfilled exactly as planned, and more. This is just the beginning of things that will need to be covered, so having venue staff that is on their toes and excited to help make your day is vital to a successful wedding.

#4 A Backup Plan

With the months of planning that go into before, it is something easy to focus too much on what the plan is. Even if you are not planning on having an event outside, imagine it is pouring rain when your guests are showing up. Having a plan for this could include setting up tents that will cover them from their cars to the doorway. Thankfully, the venue will be aware of many possible scenarios, so be sure to ask them what they have seen change day of and how your party can be prepared to handle those changes.

#5 Guests Having Full Access

You might have fallen in love with the venue because of some art you saw on the second floor while you were getting a grand tour. Maybe it is the landscaping in the back garden that really blew you away. Be sure to talk with your venue beforehand to make sure that guests are going to have access to everything you have seen. Point out the things you really loved and want to share with your family and friends. Venues are accommodating, but it is much more likely if it is planned in advance.

As you can see, there are many things to consider in picking a wedding venue. While these things are certainly attributes that every wedding venue should have, there are other highlights as well. If you are looking at Generations Hall, you can rest assured that you have come to right place. Not only are all of these points met, they are exceeded. The staff is excited to start answering all of the questions you will have. Give them a call today.


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