Tour Generations Hall in New Orleans with Our Interactive 3D Tour

Weddings and events and banquets, oh my!

Generations Hall has recently launched a 3D tour of the facility to attract those lazy event planners. Obviously, we’re joking. Event and wedding planners are so busy, and we wanted our clients to have the luxury of visiting our venue from home.

Also, those who aren’t event planners often need to visualize floor plans and room size, so we made this feature just for you.

No one has the time to visit every venue on their list, so we’ve made each of our three rooms easily accessible on our 3D, online tour. Just click which room you’d like to see and go from there! Generations Hall is loaded with character because it was a sugar refinery in the 1820s. Being located in the French Quarter makes it even more perfect for weddings and events.
3D Tour
Our tour will create an image, unique to each viewer. If you’re here for a wedding, you’ll be able to picture yourself dancing with the groom to a song you chose months ago. The lighting is just as you imagined, and the photographer is standing to the left to capture your “good side.” The dance floor slowly fills up with grandparents, aunts and uncles. Suddenly the band starts playing Mambo No. 5 and the guests go wild!

Full service bars are on either end of the room ensuring no one travels too far for a drink. Grandpa Jim can order his scotch neat, and Aunt Linda might be using the bottle service is survive seeing her ex at the wedding. Better than that, everyone else will just be using the booze to toast and celebrate you!

Anything from concerts to convention meetings can be done at Generations Hall. Visit (http://www.generationshall.com/3d-tour/) our site to take yourself on a tour from your own home. If you’re interested in viewing out venue in person, call (504) 568-1700.


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