What Makes Generations Hall the Best Venue in New Orleans?

New Orleans is a city with a rich history of hosting magnificent events. There are a potentially daunting amount of venues that you can be sorting through to find what will be the best fit for what you are looking for. Thankfully, you have found Generations Hall. With that, your search can come to a stop because you have found a venue with all of the options and proper New Orleans flair that you are looking for.

What makes Generations Hall the perfect New Orleans venue?

The reason Generations Hall is the best venue for you is two fold. Not only does it host the perfect New Orleans style, which you will want, regardless of it you are a local or coming in from somewhere else, it also have the most customizable options you will find in a venue. There are a few different larger rooms, called the Metropolitan One, the Metropolitan Two, and The Big Room. With these three, you can see what you guest count and desired activities are and only then decide which of these you want to rent. Not having to pay for an entire space if you do not need to use it is a very rare thing for big venues, but Generations Hall is ready to work with you in every way imaginable.

The location is an old sugar mill, which means it has the old, genuine aesthetics that will take the breath away from so many of your guests. There is art from prominent New Orleans artists up at every turn, bringing in the unique flavor of the city in a glamorous way. The entire space has a French Quarter feel to it, meaning that energy is there, along with the designs that can have people just relaxing to take it all in. Not only thing, but all of the technology that you could want for your event, be it a wedding reception, a family reunion, or a business party, is ready and available to you. This includes screens, audio and video set ups, and a wildly impressive lighting system. With all of these things, it could be intimidating to think you need to be able to handle all of it yourself. Worry not, because with each piece of technology you will have a trained staff member ready to manage it and help you set the perfect mood for what you are looking for.

New Orleans Hall book your new orleans party

In addition to customizing the size and style of your party, you can have just as much freedom with the food and drinks. With all of the amazing tastes of New Orleans, there will be plenty of deciding to do. If you want to bring in your personal favorite or that great recommendation a friend gave you, that is completely welcome. On the other hand, if you want Generations to handle the food entirely, the team is ready to live up to all of your expectations. The same is true for drinks. Sometimes it is nice to be able to pick and choose precisely what you want there. There are other times when your focus is elsewhere and it is nice to be able to hand all of the drink decisions off to a highly qualified team. Full service bars are located throughout Generations and the bartending staff is told time and time again how well they do with keeping all guests as happy as can be.

What is it like working with the staff at Generations Hall?

The staff at Generations Hall is ready to help you start planning your perfect event. Their highest priority is always customer satisfaction, so it is always a good time to start asking questions. Contacting our team will be a good start, then you can come by, see the space, and start getting excited about the event of a lifetime. There is even a 3D tour available on the site if you want to see the space in that way before you venture over yourself.


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