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Whether the time of your big day is in the beginning of the year or at the end or even in the very middle, you’ll always want your wedding and wedding reception as beautiful as possible. That’s why Generations Hall has you in mind when planning your wedding and wedding reception venues, with a special emphasis on the reception itself. You want to make sure to book a classy venue that is not only beautiful but also can provide an upbeat and joyous atmosphere for you and your guests attending. That’s why you can trust the wedding reception venues in New Orleans with Generations Hall!

Weddings in New Orleans

The grand, old city of New Orleans has always been deeply rooted in not only rich culture, but also fascinating history for its unique customs and celebrations. There are so many things to see and do in New Orleans that you can guess that you’ll never have a dull moment! This city is also known particularly known for its beauty and character, which is why it is a common place for people to hold different events, such as a wedding reception. So if you are planning a wedding reception or any other type of grand event and are interested in wedding reception venues in New Orleans, be sure to take a look at Generations Hall to host your event!

Generation Hall aims to carry on the tradition of hosting elegant wedding reception venues in New Orleans. They also accommodate banquets, rehearsal dinners, and a wide variety of other events!

Weddings at Generations Hall

Your wedding day is a day you will never forget. That’s why the team at Generations Hall knows how important this day is for you, so they are dedicated to giving you the greatest wedding experience possible! The hard working staff will work to your specific desires, and will work within your budget as well.

You have the option to customize your wedding reception venues or event to your personal liking. You are allowed to arrange complementary furniture in any way you like to better suit your theme or your wedding guests. There is even a kitchen on site and an outside catering policy at no extra charge. You can choose how to set the mood by customizing the lighting with Generations Hall’s fully programmable high end dance lighting system and LED accent light system! Regardless of what you are going for with your wedding reception venues, the team at Generations Hall is willing to help. With things such as flexible time slots, Generations Hall is the perfect location for your wedding reception venues! Their professional and respectful staff will make sure that your wedding or event will be one to cherish forever.

Get the New Orleans Feel

Wedding reception venues in New Orleans from Generations Hall are ready to accommodate any size event with a variety of options, rooms, and amenities. There are three main rooms offered: Metropolitan One, Metropolitan Two, and The Big Room that can come with balconies, a courtyard, covered walkways, stage platforms, catwalks, full service bars, and more! For smaller events, you can rent one of these rooms individually while large groups can rent the entire thing! Generations Hall also offers balloon drops, confetti cannons, fog machines, Gobos, custom lighting, project screens, red carpet, Second Line, specialty cocktails, VIP furniture, uniform staff, catering, cocktail waitresses, and wireless internet. Everything you need and more to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding reception venues is here with Generations Hall!
weddings in new orleans
Generations Hall works alongside a variety of music sources as well as stage platforms as well as sound production for your very special musical entertainment. For hotel rooms for your guests, you will also be pleased to know that Generations Hall is located conveniently next to plenty of local hotels for your guests to stay at!

If you are planning your wedding reception venues or special event in New Orleans, be sure to contact Generations Hall for the experience of a lifetime!


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