Generations Hall is a Fantastic Party Hall in New Orleans

When you are looking for the perfect venue to have a great time partying with family and friends, look no further than Generations Hall. Embracing the festive spirit of New Orleans, our facility is primed to give you memories of a lifetime. We have hosted many events of different styles and sizes and satisfied countless patrons. Visit us today and see our venue in person!

History Inextricably Linked with New Orleans

Generations Hall isn’t just a party hall. It is a piece of history tied to New Orleans’ identity. The building was originally built in the early 1820’s as a sugar refinery, only to be later renovated to the burgeoning party hall that it is today. To honor this history, Generations Hall has artwork my prominent artists George Schmidt and Xavier DeCallatay – paying homage to the rich history of New Orleans Jazz music. This artwork not only keeps this venue true to its roots, but also plays a role in the bigger picture of its French Quarter theme. There are gems such as these painting throughout the venue, and the sum of these decorations is a unique party hall for your events.

Technological Amenities Galore

Generations Hall doesn’t just look nice, but it also has a variety of technological amenities that deliver an unbelievable party experience. We have three roomn total for you to enjoy: The Metropolitan One, the Metropolitan Two, and The Big Room. Together, they have seven high volume service bars and three sets of restrooms. What’s more, the entertainment options are phenomenal for each! For example, a state of the art audio system provides crisp, high quality sound to each of the three room. Our video technology also grants you access to large screens and monitors throughout the Hall. You can customize your entertainment options through our audio technicians, who will happily design the lighting and sound to your liking. We can play New Orleans Big Band, Disco, Cocktail Jazz, Techno, and much more! Finally, we have five 42” and two 47” plasma TVs, as well as a 6’ retractable projection screen. Simply put, we have all the ingredients to give you and your guests a special night!

The Best Party Hall in New Orleans

No party hall captures the spirit of New Orleans quite like Generations Hall. With the many entertainment and layout options we provide, you can be confident that any party you host will be a smashing success with your guests. Contact us today and start planning your party at Generations Hall!


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