Discover one of the Best Reception Venues in New Orleans

Searching for reception venues in New Orleans can be a tedious task if you are not sure what they have to offer. Generations Hall in New Orleans is the perfect venue to host a successful reception. We offer a unique space that is fully equipped and fashionably furnished to organize all sorts of events from a family gathering to important convention meetings. If you are going to host an event in New Orleans, Generations Hall is the venue for you!

New Orleans banquet hall

Historically Inspired

There are other reception venues that do not deliver like we do at Generations Hall. Generations Hall has history and elegance that adds a little more life to the event you are hosting. The hall was originally a sugar refinery built in the early 1820s in New Orleans. The refinery turned venue provides a glimpse of an era from Louisiana’s past. The walls are decorated with artwork by prominent New Orleans artists, George Schmidt and Xavier de Callataÿ. The artwork depicts the rich history of New Orleans jazz. Our New Orleans French Quarter style facility is complete with state of the art audio and video technology with large video screens & monitors throughout the event venue.

A Great Space for Every Occasion

At Generations Hall, you can expect a great space from one of the best reception venues in New Orleans. We offer three spacious rooms which can be rented and transformed into one large space. The spacious rooms can accommodate a large crowd or a small gathering. We have our very own expert audio technician that can curate the best tracks for easy listening jazz or New Orleans Big Band. Generations Hall rooms include The Metropolitan One, The Metropolitan Two and The Big Room. Our reception halls are perfect for every occasion including special events, weddings, private functions, banquets, concerts, luncheons, and convention meetings.


Unique Experience

If you want the true New Orleans feel for you next event, Generations Hall is furnished with the elegance and comfort of traditional New Orleans style. You should want your invitees to have a comfy and noteworthy venue to enjoy and cater to your special function. Generation Halls is rich in history and has a jazzy pizazz that really takes the life of the party up a notch! Out of all the reception venues in New Orleans, you will not find a more lavish and comfortable space than in the event venue at Generations Hall. Do your next event in true New Orleans style at Generations Hall.

Book the Right Venue

Unlike most reception venues in New Orleans, we give you the power to completely customize your next event at Generations Hall reception venue. Your options are limitless so you can curate your own reception with help from us of course! For a unique reception venue with great entertainment, top-notch technology, and beautiful decor, come to Generations Hall!


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